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X39™ Stem-Cell Activation Patches by LifeWave®

·        A brand-new technology in the form of a patented photo(light)-therapy patch is designed to elevate a peptide proven to enhance stem-cell activity.  These patches put no drugs or chemicals in the body.  They are safe, effective and affordable.  Backed by multiple clinical studies and over ten years in development, the LifeWave® X39™ patch has been shown to provide the following health benefits:

o   Fast Pain Reduction

o   Improved Sleep

o   Increased Energy

o   Wrinkle Reduction

o   Cellular Age Reversal

o   Faster Wound Healing

o   Enhanced Sports Performance

o   Reduced Inflammation

·        X39™ stem-cell activating patches – a bold new and affordable way for stem-cell activation. 

·        Start looking and feeling better today!

·        Preferred Customer Price:  $99.95 USD/month

·        Retail Price:  $149.95 USD; 

·        Basic Business Member Price: $99.95 + $25.00 membership $124.95

·        More Enhanced Membership Packages available depending on level of interest

o   Watch videos at

o   Contact Patty to order Phone/Text:  416-565-1814 or visit my website

o   Membership ID #1043984