Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Training with the International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Event Date: 
Friday, November 6, 2015 - 19:15

Friday, November 6th 7-10 pm;

Saturday& Sunday November 7 & 8th 10 am-6 pm –

With Master Sha via webcast and Master Lynne Live

Phoenix Wellness - International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine Divine Healing Hands are God's Soul Hands

International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Divine Healing hands are only available through Master Sha and his Divine Channels.  They will share knowledge and wisdom, and prepare you to serve in this extraordinary way.   To receive Divine Healing Hands is to answer the Divine’s calling to help humanity pass through this challenging time of Mother Earth’s transition and beyond. 

Apply for acceptance into this very special training program.   Applications are approved by Master Lynne Nusyna. 

What are Divine Healing Hands?

Divine Healing Hands are the Divine’s soul light hands and carry the Divine’s healing power to heal and transform every aspect of life.  Divine Healing Hands are received from the heart of the Divine.  The Divine creates Divine Healing Hands Soul Mind Body Transplants and transmits them to chosen ones.  Divine Healing Hands carry divine frequency and vibration with divine love, forgiveness, compassion, and light, which remove soul, mind, and body blockages from every aspect of life.

  • Divine love removes all blockages and transforms all life.
  • Divine forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace to all life.
  • Divine compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity of all life.
  • Divine light heals, prevents sickness, purifies and rejuvenates soul, heart, mind, and body, and transforms health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and every aspect of life.

To be a Certified Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer, you must participate in a five-day training with a Divine Channel and Divine Healing Hands Guide where you will learn how to apply Divine Healing Hands for yourself and others.  You will also need to pass a certification examination.

Honour Fee:  $625 HST Incl. – First Timers Three Day Training

Honour Fee:  $275 HST Inc. -  For those who took Divine Healing Hands Training in September

Location:     International College of Natural Health & Traditional Chinese Medicine; Brooklin Family Health – 4945 Baldwin St. S.; Brooklin/Whitby

About our Tao Soul Healing Community Group:

Master Sha Soul Healing Community Group is open to everyone wanting to transform a health issue, relationship challenge, financial imbalance or any other aspect of life. Together, we will offer our greatest love, care and compassion to each other, as well as learn and apply Soul Healing techniques for healing and transformation.  Soul Healing focuses on the soul – your soul, the soul of your organs, your house, your relationships, your business, your finances, etc.  

Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body can follow.
- Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Soul Mind Body Medicine, The Power of Soul

Join us to learn Tao and Soul Healing wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques introduced by Master Sha to help remove soul, mind, heart (shen) energy (qi) and matter (jing) blockages that are the root cause of life's challenges. In each Meetup we will practice one or two techniques; then receive Divine Healing Hands blessings from Certified Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers.  Together, we will boost our soul healing abilities, share our experiences of transformation, and create a community of soul healers committed to helping our loved ones, our community, Mother Earth and the universe to heal and transform.  You are welcome to bring family or friends.