Entreprenuer Business Consulting:

Facilitating Health, Wealth and Happiness in the Workplace

Patty Business pic    "The mark of true wealth is determined by how much one can give away."  T. Harv Eker

Patricia Levesque - Successful Business Entreprenuer since 1986

Patricia teaches you to observe your ways of thinking and to challenge your limiting, nonsupportive thoughts, habits, and actions with regard to Business Success.  We start with money and the reason is that money is one of the biggest areas of pain and lack of success for most Entreprenuers.   There is a bigger picture to consider.   Once the Entreprenuer recognizes their nonsupportive ways around finances, this awareness will transfer into every other part of their life, specifically, health and happiness.

My goal is to assist the Entreprenuer in raising their consciousness.  Consciousness is observing your thoughts and actions, so that you can operate from true choice in the present, rather than acting on the basis of programming from the past.  Consciousness is about the power to respond from your higher self rather than to react from your fear-based, "lower" self.  Then you can be the best you can be and fulfill your destiny. 

The true essence of this transformation is not just about you, the Entreprenuer.   It is about the entire business world.  Our business world is nothing more than a reflection of businesses who make it up.   As each Entrepreneur raises his or her consciousness, the world raises its consciousness by moving from fear to courage, from hatred to love and from sccarcity to prosperity for all. 

It is therefore up to each Entrepreprenuer to enlighten themselves so that we may add more light to the business world. 

If you want the business world to be a certain way, then start with your business being that way.  if you want the business world to be a better place, start with your business being better.  I believe, it's your duty to grow yourself to your fullest potential, to create abundance and success in your business life; for in doing so, your will business will be able to help others and add to the world in a positive way.